About Me

My name is Daisy Abboudi and I live in South London. I was born in the UK, a child of the Sudanese-Jewish community, and was raised hearing stories of, and eating the food associated with, life in Sudan.


My academic background is in Ancient History, and I hold a Master's degree with Distinction in the subject from King’s College London.



I began Tales of Jewish Sudan, a project dedicated to preserving the testimonies and recipes of the little-known Jewish community that lived in Sudan from the turn of the 20th Century to the early 1970s. In 2020, I visited Sudan for the first time to see for myself the country I felt so close to.


Tales of Jewish Sudan has received national and international attention, and has been covered in numerous media articles. I regularly present my research to various interested organisations and groups, and will ultimately publish my work as a book.


Alongside my work on Tales of Jewish Sudan, I am also the Deputy Director of Sephardi Voices UK, an oral history charity that records and captures the experiences of Jews from the Middle East, North Africa and Iran who settled in the UK.


As well as organising and conducting interviews, my work at Sephardi Voices UK also includes editing videos and short films that we publish through our website and social media channels. I regularly present our research and content, both virtually and in person, I maintain and update our website, and I coordinate and help to deliver our programme of educational events.


Throughout my career I have carried out over 100 oral history interviews and I am continually amazed by how much can be learned from these conversations. One of my greatest pleasures is being able to pass on the things I've learned, whether through presenting in person or online, digital media, or in more informal settings.

Having spent so much time studying what happens when intra-community relations break down, I am passionate about promoting inter-faith dialogue in my own life.


By teaching both adults and children about modern Judaism and Middle Eastern Jewry, I hope to contribute in a small way towards a kinder and more understanding world.